X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie review

This is nothing like the train wreck that some reviews and the eXecrable boX office at the time of its release suggest.

It’s opening eXpansive set-piece in outer space and closing close quarters set-piece in-and-on a prisoner transport train are strong, as is the central performance from Sophie Turner as the titular mutated PhoeniX at its centre.

In fact, said final sequence features some of the X-Men (and X-Women) having their finest moments of the cinematic franchise, chief amongst them Storm and Cyclops, finally allowed to use their gifts in a cinematically satisfying way. I really like how they depict Jean’s undulating hair and those with the power to spontaneously fly too.

There’s an argument to be made that’s it’s all a little perfunctory and lacking dramatic heart and weight whilst Zimmer’s score amounts to little more than repetitive dark and ominous tones.

Ask yourself though, when was the last time you watched a franchise blockbuster that concluded it’s standalone story arc in under 120 minutes? In that regard, it’s refreshing.

It’s not perfect. It’s not a masterpiece. It’s an on-brand, bang average X-movie. The general response both critically and commercially only adds weight to my assertion that it’s fashionably acceptable to bash on the X-franchise…

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